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Sieve Shaker

Our RoTap Sieve Shaker machines have been engineered with reliable, rugged steel and alloy materials The mechanism is fully immersed in oil tank. These units are fitted with heavy duty electric motor (1/4 HP single phase 220-230 V 50 Hz.) that enables the machine to provide efficient circular and tapping motion given by hammering at the top Our standard model is designed to accept up to 8" diameter sieves and also accommodates Regardless of diameter, any one material sample can be tested on a series of 7 full height (2") sieves at one time, plus bottom pan and top cover lid.

Technical Specifications
Model SHI-174
Capacity 7sieves of 200mm dia and 50mm height with top lid &pan.
7sieves of 300mm dia and 50mm height with top lid &pan.(Optional)
Construction Cast Iron, Painted Mild
Circular motion 250RPM
Tapping 150 minimum
Motor ¼ HP Geared mechanism
Timer 0 - 60 Minutes
Timer Type Analog/digital (Optional)
Standard ASTM
Power Supply 220-240 Volts 50Hz.
Certifications CE and ISO