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Refregeratred Liquid Bath (Cooling Bath) With Circulation

Double walled construction. Outer body made of mild steel painted with white stoving enamel. Inner chamber made of stainless steel sheet. Temperature controlled by digital temperature controller cum indicator from --20c to 80 oC, with an accuracy of +/-0.5oC or better. Temp below ambient is maintained by a hermetically sealed compressor with complete unit placed beneath the chamber. Fitted with WATER CIRCULATING arrangement with speed control regulator. A stainless steel lined lid closes on the chamber to avoid temp. loss. Complete with pilot lamps, cord and plug. To work in 220/230 V AC.

Technical Specification
1 MOC of cabinet Mild steel , powder coated
2 MOC of cham ber Stain less steel SS-3 0 4 grade
3 Tem p Range -20 to + 80 C OR
4 Insulation Glass wool
5 Capacity of bath 10 Lts.
6 Water circulation By circulating pump having 6 mm nozzle for in let & outlet.
7 Heating By low wattage heater
8 Cooling B y CFC free cooling system
9 Control Panel MCB , D igital tem p controller, Indicators, Pump on /off, Speed Regulator
10 Tem p. controller PID controller with circulating system
11 Voltage 220 -240 V 50 H z.
12 Load Max. 2 Kw .