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Orbital Shaking Incubator (Cooling System)

Temperature controlled by Digital Temp. Controller cum indicator 5° to 60°C, with an accuracy of +/-0.5°C or better. Temperature below ambient is maintained by a hermetically sealed compressor with complete unit placed beneath the chamber. Shaking speed can be controlled by speed regulator and fitted with D.C. drive indicated by Digital RPM meter. Shaking platform also made of S.Steel to accommodate 16 flask of 500ml. capacity..A stainless steel perforated tray is also provided for the use of upper portion of the chamber as a simple BOD incubator. An illumination lamp is also provided inside the chamber, suitable to work on 220/230 V, 50Hz. Single phase AC supply.

Technical Specifications
Capacity 625 X 550 X 550 MM (WxDxH) 16 flask of 500 ml
To hold 9 flask of 250 ml
Temperature Range+ 5°C to 60°C
Temperature Accuracy+ /0.5°C or better
Temperature Uniformity + / - 0.5°C or better
Temperature Controller Microprocessor based PID controller
Shaker Shaking platform made of stainless steel with lotus clamps to Hold 16 flask of 250/500ml.
Shaking Speed Variable form 20RPM to 300RPM
Power 220-230v 50Hz
MOCExterior: MS powder coated
Interior: 304 stainless steel
InsulationGlass wool/Puff
DoorsSolid doors with gasket & lock
Inner DoorGlass with Aluminum Frame
Cooling SystemHermetically sealed COPELAND /KIRLOSKAR Condensing unit/compressor
IlluminationBy LED bulb.
Control PanelMCB, Main& Cooling indicators, PID temp controller, Digital RPM indicator with steeples speed controller Timer 0-24 hrs for illumination inside the chamber(Optional)
Door LockProvided with Lock & Key
OptionalVoltage stabliser Outer body of Stainless steel 212/304 Rs-232 computer interference compatible to computer with software. NABL calibration of digital temp controller.