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Scratch Hardness

Scratch Hardness Tester
IS: 101
For determining the scratch hardness of ready mixed paints and enamels, which is the minimum load required to produce a scratch showing the bare metal surface of the painted panel. The apparatus consists of a 1mm dia hemispherical stainless steel needle, fixed to a platform of a counter- balanced rod, which is assembled on a grooved platform. A rack moves through the groove, to which a painted panel can be clamped. An indicator lamp is provided to indicate the metal contact if the Needle penetrates the paint surface to make contact with the metal. Complete with 1 kg weight. Suitable for operation of 230 V, 50 Hz, single phase, AC supply
Optional Extras
Weight, 2 kg
Shivam Instruments India
Film Stripping Device
The Film Stripping device consists of a disc of which four bottles are mounted. The disc rotated at the rate of approximately 100 rpm A time switch is provided. Suitable for operation on 230 volts, Single phase, A.C. Supply.

Surface Irregularity

Equipment described below are based on the principle of a travelling straight edge and is for measuring, marking and recording irregularities of roads and runways pavement of both concrete and bituminous material.

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Flexibility and Adhesion Tester IS: 101
The paint film is bent through 180° over a 6.35 mm dia rod and examined for any damage, detachment or cracking of the film. The tester consists of two plates hinged at one end with the help of a 6.35 mm dia rod. A stop is provided on one plate against which the painted panel can be held. Complete with x10 magnifier
Ford Flow Cup
IS: 3944 .4
This type of cup is been in popular for paint testing. These are available in following sizes jet no. B-1, B-2, B-3, B-4, B-5 with stand.
Bitumen testing Kit
Standard Tar Viscometer (cut back asphalt)
IS: 1206 (part 1)
As per IP 71 and IS 1206 standards. It is used for determination the viscosity of road oils and cut back bitumen. It consist of S.S. bath with cup of 10mm or 4mm orifice and sleeve, stirrer with lifting clip and ball. The assembly kept on suitable stand with leveling screws. Suitable to operate on 220 volts AC mains
A) Electrical heating with energy regulator control
B) Electrical heating with voltage varrier control (copper coil)
Say bolt Viscometer
It is used to determining the viscosity of fuel oil and lubricating oil (thin and thick). The unit consists of stain less steel bath oil cup that centrally placed in water bath. The bath has a lid, which contains a water-cooling tube. Two handles with two starrier blades, the thermometer soaked and a straight heater, stirring is done by turntable arrangements. Operates on 220 volts AC 50 HZ.
Carbon Residue, Conradson type
ASTM: D 189,IP-13
It is made as per IP 13, ASTM D-189 Specifications. It is useful to determine amount of carbon residue when an oil is evaporated under specified conditions. The carbon residue values of crude oil, residual etc. These are useful in the manufacture of various lubricants. The apparatus consists of spun sheet iron crucible 25cc capacity. Sheet iron hood and sheet iron block on a stand, gas burner
a) Conradson carbon residue single test apparatus
b) Conradson carbon residue four test apparatus with gas burner
Carbon Residue, Rams bottom type
IS: 1448, ASTM: D 524, IP-14
It is made as per IP-14, ASTM 524 and is 1448 (P:8) 1967. Standard, it is used to determine the amount of carbon deposits when an oil evaporated under specified condition. The apparatus consists of a solid metal bath having 5 wells to accommodate cocking bulbs. The heavy duty heating elements provided around the bath. Supplied with 5 cocking bulbs. The heavy duty heating elements provided around the bath. Supplied with 5 cocking bulbs, and one syringe.
a) Rams bottom, carbon residue apparatus with temp. regulation by energy regulator, thermocouple and digital temp. indicator in separate cabinets.
b) Rams bottom solid state ELECTRONIC TEMPERATURE controller and digital temperature indicator in separate units
Optional Accessories
a) Spare Cocking bulbs
b) Spare heating element for above
c) Spare syringes
d) Stainless steel Tong
Cloud & Pour point Apparatus suitable for single test with insulated body
IS: 1448, ASTM-D 97, IP-15
The pour point is the lowest temperature at which the oil will just fail to flow. The apparatus consists of cooling bath made of stainless steel sheet and stand unit drain plug and cover with provision for fitting thermometer and filling aperture for adding freezing mixture
Cleveland Flash & Fire Point Apparatus
IS: 1449, ASTM-D92
This apparatus is used for determination of flash and fire point of petroleum products. The apparatus consists of a cleveland Flash Cup made of brass, Gas Test-Jet Assembly, pivoted from a Cast Cup Platform which is fixed to a Heating Bath. Energy Regulator to regulate the rate of rise in temperature. Suitable for operation of 230 V, 50 Hz, single phase, AC supply
Pen sky Marten Flash Point Apparatus with gas jet test device, electric heated &separate energy regulator control box
This apparatus is made as per IP 34, ASTMD-93 and IS 1448 (Part-1) 1270 (P-21) and IS 1209-1953 method B. The apparatus consists of brass test cup with handle removable cup cover with spring operated rotating shutter having oil test Jet/Gas test jet flame device, stirrer with flexible shaft. The assembly rests in Air bath which is covered with dome shape metal top. The cup is fitted with insulated handle and locking arrangements near cup flenge. The assemble is kept on round shape electric heater with temp regulator. Suitable for operation on 220 volts.
a. Pen sky Martens Flash Point app. elect heated with energy regulator oil test jet
b. Gas test jet
Abel's Flash Point Apparatus electric heated with oil jet test device, separate energy regulator control box
This apparatus is suitable for determining the close cup flash point of petroleum and mixtures according to IP-33 and IP-170 and also IS 1448 (Part-I) 1985. It is suitable for oils whose flashes below 70ºC. It is supplied with oil cup cover fitted with stirrer thermometer socket S.S. water bath stand. An electric heater is fitted to bottom for operation on 220v AC circuits
A. Abel's flash point apparatus elect. heating with energy regulator control-oil test jet
B. Energy regulator control Gas test jet
C. Abel's flash point app. elect heating with energy regulator and concealed hot plat.
D. Gas test jet
E. Same as above but with F.H.P. Elect. driven stirrer oil test jet
F. Gas test jet
G. Abel's Flash point app. with voltage varrier. Digital temp. Indicator oil test jet
H. Gas test jet
I. Same as above with FHP elect driven stirrer oil test jet
J. Gas test jet
K. Oil test jet and gas test jet (Combined model)
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Universal Cone Penetrometer, Automatic
This apparatus is used for penetration on a wide variety of material such as greases petroleum, bitumen tar wax and polish. It consists of Timer (for setting the number of fall of needle ) head support mounted on a vertical rod, which can be adjusted for a height. Rack and pinion assemblies provide a fine adjustment of needle tip to a sample and incorporate a slipping clutch mechanism which make a reading of penetration and subsequent resetting of a sample and accurate operation. The dial is graduated from 0- 400 in one tenth millimeter sub division. It is supplied with on e container and one set of needle.
Bitumen Cone Penetrometer
Same as SPP-1035 but without timer
Bitumen Penetration Kits
Consists of one container and one set of needle
Red Wood Viscometer no1 electric heated with solid-state electronic regular without acc
These viscometers are designed for viscosity tests of petroleum products. They confirm to recruitments of IP 70. Two adaption of red wood viscometer are available No.1 for liquids having red wood flow 20 seconds to 2000 seconds and No.II for liquids whose flow time exceeds 2000 seconds. The complete out fit comprises hammer finished stainless steel bath with electrical heating arrangements suitable to operate at 220 Volts AC mains with tap, silver plated oil cup with precision stainless steel jet, cup, cover ball, valve, thermometer-clip. Stirrer and M.S. sheet stand with leveling screws
Redwood Viscomet Er No.1
a.) Electrical heated with energy regulator control
b) Same as above with digital indicator and controller
Flow Cup Viscometer with spare brass cup with B-4 type jet &stand with levelling screw
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Kinematic Viscometer bath Also See SHI-162
IS: 1206 part III
It consists of water bath made of M. steel. Chamber size 12" x 9"x12" for accommodate 4-viscometer tube having the illuminator at rear side. The temperature is controlled by electric relay. It is supplied with one no. of mercury type thermometer and 4 no. of manometer stand.
Note Bath can be fitted with P.I. D. controller at extra cost.
Vacuum Pyknometer (Plastic Body) without Pump
Vacuum Pump, 700mm/hg
Loss of Heating/Thin film Oven
This dual-purpose oven is designed to determine Its salient features are
3 metre straight edge and measuring wedge
Hot Plate 8" Dia
Hot Plate rectangular
Shivam Instruments India

Shivam Instruments India
Dean & Stark Apparatus
IS: 1211
This apparatus is used for determination of water content of asphalt bitumen and fluxed native asphalt, crude coal tar, road tar, cut back bitumen, Digboi type cutback bitumen and creosote and anthracene oil. The apparatus consist of one 10cc (ml) receiver, 500ml flask and heater with energy regulator control
Absolute Viscosity (Vacuum Viscometer) with digital water bath and 1 capillary tube IS: 1206 Part II
Apparatus for float viscometer
IS: 1210
This apparatus is used for determination float test for bituminous. The apparatus consists of a float, coller, Thermometer (Range -2 to 80 degree centigrade) and water bath
BS U-Tube Modified Reverse Floro Viscometer IS 1206 (Part III)- 1978 without pump
BS U-Tube (any size)
Distillation test apparatus with receiver and temperature meter
Distillation test apparatus with recevier and temperature meter
Bomb Calorimeter (Digital)
For determination of heat combustion of organic matter and calorific value and sulphur content of coal, solid and liquid fuels. The bomb has a capacity of 300ml approximately a provided with a high pressure Schroder valve. Tested as per the recruitment of institute of petroleum (IP 12/63T). Supplied with, bomb calorimeter vessel with bomb support, water jacket, combined lid for calorimeter vessel and water jacket, stirrer, connecting leads, connecting tube to connect to bomb and pressure gauge. Connecting tube with fine adjustment valve to connect pressure gauge and oxygen cylinder pressure gauge. Connecting tube spanner for oxygen tube connection, ignition wire (2 meter) Nicrome, cotton reel, stand for unit, pallets press, digital beckman, thermometer benzoic acid, 'O' ring small, 'O' ring for stirrer. Valve for bomb and valve key. Supplied without oxygen cylinder (optional)

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