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Planetary Mixer

Suitable for mechanical mixing of ointments. Dry powder or wet mass, pulps etc. The unit is provided with a stainless steel mixing stirrer / beater the stirrer shaft moves on its axis while simultaneously rotating around the bowl, there by giving efficient mixing. The bowl is provided with castor wheels for easy handling. The unit is supplied with all contacts parts of stainless steel having 2 sets of different speeds and is driven by means of suitable 3 phase A.C. electric motor through on oil filling gear box. The unit is easily cleanable.

50 Ltrs. 1/2HP
100 Ltrs. 1 HP

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Triple Roller Mills

Consists of S.S. 304 quality roller. Unit fitted with motor. Chain Driven. Oil immersed gear box heavy duty M.S. construction parts of stainless steel

Size 3"x8" 6"x10" 8"x12"

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Powder Mass Mixer

Suitable for mixing of dry & wet material. All contact parts are fabricated from 304 quality stainless steel with two mechanical seal ends, to prevent outside lubricants from entering into the mixing chamber paddles 3"thick are arranged on the shaft to give thoroughly uniform mixing. Among the other provisions are a titing arrangement, reversible switch and safety lock switch to stop the machine as soon as the cover is opened. The drive is through a 3 phase electric A/C motor and a suitable gear box

Capacity Volume Ltrs. Motor H.P.
50 120 3
100 240 5
200 440 7.5
250 550 10

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Drum Mixer

Used of dry mixing and blending granules with lubricants etc. The unit has a S.S. Drum of 200 Ltrs. Having a air tight lid with material. The above unit is complete with 1HP motor, gear box etc. Spare S.S. Drum capacity 200 Ltrs. With lid and clamps

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Antiblotic Zone Rader (I.P.Standard)

Electricity operated, suitable for measuring the diameter of in habited zone within the range of 0 to 35mm with accuracy of 0.1mm, to fix up the strength of antibiotic material

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Pole Climbing Apparatus (Cook's)

New compact improved mode built in solid state buzzer and simulator to provide electrical shock of 400V 0.2mA at a frequency of 5 per second for a duration controlled manually on by built in 30 sec. Timer output available for recording on kymograph or polygraph. Complete to work on 220 V A.C. for study of pole jump (avoidance) response

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Activity Cade Digital (Acetophoto Meter)

Improved and solid state type with six photo cells for measuring spontaneous or indicated activity with digital totalizer counter

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It provides 50Hz alteration current stimulus for producing minimum and supra maximum seizures required in the assay of anti-convulsant and anti-epileptic drugs. Accessories "one pair each of corneal electrodes 4.6 and 8mm cups with eads and one pair of eye clips work on 220/VAC

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Available in the following models
Mark 1 (Radiant heat type) Tail Flick Type
It provide pain stimulus by heated nichrome wire in a rat stail to determine, analgesic effect of drugs.
One spare element accessories provided (Provided with manual)
Mark 3 (Eddy's hot plate)
It consist of a 20x20 cms heating surface with Perspex enclosure and solid state temperature controller with indicating galvanometer to set surface temperature between 30ºC to 80°C

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Histamine Chamber

Comprising of "Acrylic exposition" chamber with partition, sphygmomanometer, nebulizer

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