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Flexure Strength

IS: 516, IS: 9399, BS: 1881, and ASTM C78
The Flexure Strength Testing Machines are designed to provide maximum rigidity throughout their working range. The downward movement of Hydraulic ram applies the load. The jack can be raised or lowered for testing different size beams. The load is indicated on a calibrated Bourdon tube type load gauge of range: 0-100KN X 0.5KN (0-10,000 kgf X 50 kgf). The load gauge is calibrated against NPL/NCCBM certified proving ring
Flexure Strength Testing Machine (concrete slabs)
This Flexural Strength Testing Machine is designed to suit the requirements to test precast Cement Concrete slabs for Canal Lining. The machine consists of a Bench Mounting type loading unit having a capacity of 25kN (2,500 kgf) with a self retracting type jack and a hand operated hydraulic pump. A 25 kN x 0.25 kN capacity pressure gauge, with maximum load indicating pointer, is attached to the pump. The machine has a set of platens, the top platen has a self aligning roller fixed at the centre and the lower one has two rollers of 25 mm dia, equally spaced at a distance of 15 cm. These rollers are hard chrome Plated to increase the abrasion resistance and hardness. Suitable for operation with 230 volts, 50 Hz, and single phase, AC Supply
Available Models are:
Loading capacity 25 KN manually operated
Loading capacity 100 KN manually operated
Loading capacity 100 KN Motorised

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Flow Test

IS1199, ASTM C124, AASHO T120, and T126:
The Flow Table is designed for determining the workability of Portland cement concrete. The Flow Table top is 76.2 cm dia, finely machined from a solid brass casting. The integral cast ribs are designed for support and strength. The stand is fabricated out of cast iron and is of sturdy construction. Holes for mounting of foundations are drilled in the base plate. The ground and hardened steel cam is designed to drop the table by 12.5 mm. The following model is offered
IS: 712
Flow Table Manually Operated Having table top 30 cm made of M. Steel
IS: 5512
Flow Table, Motorised Having tabletop 25 cm made of M. Steel with an electric motor suitable for operation with 230 volts, 50 Hz, and single phase, AC Supply.
IS: 5512
Flow Table, Motorised Having table top 76.2 cm made of M. Steel with an electric motor suitable for operation with 230 volts, 50 Hz, single phase, AC Supply.

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Hydraulic Jacks

Hydraulic Jacks have multipurpose utility, i.e. application of loads while engaged in field investigation, determination of load carrying capacity of piles in the field, tensioning of wires in pre-cast structures, loading of members of any structure for deformation characteristics, etc. The jacks are supplied complete with manually operated pumping units fitted with Bourdon tube type pressure gauge and a steel-connecting pipe. All the jacks have a piston travel of 75 mm and jacks up to 500 KN capacity are provided with retraction springs. These are available in the following ranges
Note For all the above-mentioned jacks, the piston travel 150 mm, if specified can be made, at an extra cost. High Pressure Flexible Hose Pipe is required for connecting the pumping unit to the Hydraulic Jack. This is an essential extra to be ordered with any of the above jacks. The hose pipe is available in varied lengths as tabulated.
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Integral Proving Rings
The proving rings are made of special steel, carefully forged to give maximum strength and machined to give high sensitivity commensurate with stability, ensuring long life and accuracy. Loading pads have female threading 1/2" BSF (16 tpi).. The rings are supplied complete with Works Calibration Chart, individually packed in polished wooden boxes. Proving rings to meet special requirements are also available on request. Separate polished and ground pair of Loading Pads for Compression Proving Rings and pair of Shackles for Tension Proving Rings are provided, to suit each proving ring, at extra cost
Proving ring of various Sizes are as follows
Proving Rings Compression Type
Proving Ring 2 kN with Dial gauge
Proving Ring 5 kN with Dial gauge
Proving Ring 10kN with Dial gauge
Proving Ring 20kN with Dial gauge
Proving Ring 25kN with Dial gauge
Proving Ring 50kN with Dial gauge
Proving Ring 100kN with Dial gauge
Proving Ring 200kN with Dial gauge
Proving Ring 500kN with Dial gauge
Proving Ring 100kN with Dial gauge
Proving Ring 2000kN with Dial gauge
Proving Ring 3000kN with Dial gauge

Dial Gauge 5mm x 0.002mm (Bakers)
Dial Gauge 5mm x 0.002mm (Adis)
Note Digital Dial Gauge can be provided at Extra cost.

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Drying, Shrinkage and Moisture Movement

IS:4031, IS:9459, ASTM C490 and BS:1881
For determination of the change in size of a concrete or cement sample, brought about by a change in moisture content, following apparatus have been designed. Tests can be performed on freshly made specimens or specimens from existing structures.
Length Comparator
The apparatus can be used for three basic tests The apparatus consists of a frame with adjustable cross plate and a recessed seating and a 300 ± 1.0 mm long alloy steel reference bar having coefficient of thermal expansion less than 2x10-6deg with 6 mm dia steel balls mounted at the ends. Supplied complete, with a dial gauge 0.002 mm x 10 mm

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